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Key points of quick assembling and disassembling inspection well repair machine without bolts

Time:2022/8/13Author:adminClick: 1723
Key points of quick assembling and disassembling inspection well repair machine without bolts
      The centrifugal repair machine for inspection well without bolts developed by Wengong and equipped with straight-through spinner has become a hot spot in the domestic municipal drainage pipeline repair and construction industry since it was put into the market. It is in the ascendant in the market. It obviously has many advantages.

     The centrifugal repair machine with no bolts for warm work and quick assembly and disassembly of inspection well is not only suitable for repairing the lining of the inspection well of municipal road drainage pipeline, but also suitable for repairing the inspection well of drainage pipeline in urban residential areas, green belts and areas where vehicles cannot enter. The inspection well repair machine is composed of four parts: a frame, a micro winder, a remote control electrical box, and a straight-through rotary blowout preventer.


Xkh-d bolt free quick installation inspection well lining repair machine

     Among them, the straight-through spinner is different from the side elbow feed spinner commonly used in the market. It has the advantages of smooth slurry input, accurate positioning of the work center, no slurry tube and no jet body, simple and convenient cleaning, and the weight is only half of that of the side elbow feed spinner.

     The inspection well centrifugal repair machine is convenient and fast to install or disassemble the whole machine, only in a few minutes. It can be completed in the room. After installation, it can move easily in 360 degrees. After disassembly, it can be collected and stored in the corner space. The whole machine has no bolt connection and is fixed by buckles and hooks. It is not only solid but also easy to lock, which not only improves work efficiency but also reduces labor intensity.

Xdz-15 straight through rotary injector

The inspection well centrifugal repair machine has been well received by many users in the application of CCCP process.

Jpl-60 mobile pipeline lining centrifugal spraying machine


Site construction scene

      When the inspection well centrifugal repair machine is used, it is first placed on the machine base and pasted on the ground, and four support rods with mobile brake wheels are inserted to erect the formed frame. However, the micro winch is connected to the machine base by buckles, and then the blowout preventer and the electric box with remote controller are hung on the machine base and fixed, and the installation of the whole machine is completed when they are in place. Then move the repair machine to the inspection well to make the spinner in the center of the inspection well, step on the mobile wheel brake, fix the frame, and complete the installation of the machine in only five or six minutes.
      After the machine is installed, start to connect the mortar spraying machine and the spinner through the quick connectors at both ends of the slurry delivery pipe, then connect the aviation plugs to the remote control, spinner, micro winch and the corresponding sockets of the input power supply on the electrical box, and then connect the power supply (220V or 380V) to start the machine.
      During operation, the centrifugal spraying can be adjusted by the operator's hand-held remote control. The adjustment range includes the thickness of the inspection well lining spraying, the spraying speed, and the superimposed spraying control.
      The technical application of the electric direct connected spinner combined with the bolt free quick installation and disassembly inspection well repair machine is playing an important role in promoting the improvement of CCCP process level.
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